Generic UI Grid Examples

Below you will find a list of different examples, we show Generic UI grid can be used. Some of them involve big sets of data, others show how to make grid fast. Here you will find a tutorial on how to use Generic UI grid as a datatable.

Platform:Angular All
Github example image
Example with a use of Github API, showcasing available repositories. See Example
Grid with charts example image
Grid with charts
Example of the grid with exported data presented on the chart. See Example
Big data example image
Big data
Example presenting gui-grid with large source data - up to 1 000 000 entries. See Example
DC superheroes example image
DC superheroes
A simple use of gui-grid on the example of most popular DC superheroes. See Example
Countries example image
Example of gui-grid used as a list of countries and their details. See Example
Dynamic columns example image
Dynamic columns
Example of a dynamic changes of gui-grid columns. See Example
Dynamic data example image
Dynamic data
Example of a dynamic addition and changes to the gui-grid entries. See Example
Marvel example image
Marvel superheroes
Example with a list of all the Marvel superheroes put in gui-grid with paging. See Example

User Repositories

Generic UI grid with NgRx
Generic UI grid with Firebase
Generic UI grid with Angular Material

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