Cell Editing

The cell editing function allows you to modify data directly from the grid itself. When the function is enabled, just simply click on one of the cells and grid will go into edit mode. Now you can change the value by typing a new one and pressing enter. After that, you can notice that the value has changed in the selected cell. You can, also cancel the change by pressing the 'escape' key on your keyboard. 

To enable this feature you have to set config cellEditing to true.

You can set up various outputs in Generic UI Grid. If you want to be informed when one of the values has changed, you need to use sourceEdited output. The grid can also emit these information:

  • when a user enters into cell edit mode,
  • submits the change,
  • cancels the change.

By observing one of these outputs you can do something with it e.g. send it to the server.

Cell Editing Example
8 Kobe Bryant SG Los Angeles Lakers 1 Tracy McGrady SG Houston Rockets 23 Lebron James PF Los Angeles Lakers 3 Dwayne Wade SG Miami Heat 15 Vince Carter SG Atlanta Hawks 34 Charles Barkley PF N/A 15 Nikola Jokić PF Denver Nuggets 0 Russell Westbrook PG Houston Rockets 7 Kevin Durant PF Brooklyn Nets 13 James Harden PG/SG Houston Rockets 13 Paul George SG Los Angeles Clippers 25 Ben Simmons PG Philadelphia 76ers 2 Kawhi Leonard SG/SF Los Angeles Clippers 21 Joel Embiid C Philadelphia 76ers 34 Giannis Antetokounmpo PF Milwaukee Bucks 30 Stephen Curry PG Golden State Warriors 11 Klay Thompson SG Golden State Warriors 23 Anthony Davis PF Los Angeles Lakers
	selector: 'cell-editing-grid',
	templateUrl: './cell-editing-grid.component.html'
export class DocsCellEditingGridComponent {

	columns: Array<GuiColumn> = [{
		header: 'Number',
		field: 'number',
		width: 60
	}, {
		header: 'Name',
		field: 'name',
		view: GuiCellView.ITALIC
	}, {
		header: 'Position',
		field: 'position',
		view: GuiCellView.BOLD
	}, {
		header: 'Team',
		field: 'team'

	source = source;

<gui-grid [cellEditing]="true"

Cell editing - Inputs

cellEditing booleanfalse Turns on cell editing.

Cell editing - Outputs

sourceEdited {after: any, before: any} When source changes, grid emits value of previous and new values.
cellEditEntered void When user clicks on the cell it will go into edit mode and this output will emit event.
cellEditCanceled void When user cancels edit mode, this output will emit event.
cellEditSubmitted void When user submits change of the edited value, this output will emit event.

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