The theme is configuration option applied inside guiGrid jQuery function. It is used to set a pre-designed styles, on Generic UI grid. The grid has four build-in themes:

  • Fabric,
  • Material - consist of a toned color palette and different styles,
  • Generic - default theme,
  • Light - adds more visible fonts to a white background, it is perfect for daylight conditions,
  • Dark - a sleek dark theme with dark gray color palette, useful at night.


Themes - options

themestring'fabric' Changes Grid theme. Available themes: 'Fabric', 'Material', 'Generic', 'Light', 'Dark'.
rowColoring stringeven Applies colored shading to the grid rows. Available shading options: Even, Odd, None.
verticalGrid booleantrue Enables vertical lines that separate columns inside the grid.
horizontalGrid booleantrue Enables horizontal lines that separate rows within the grid.

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